Bet You Never Saw Wildcats Captured As Gloriously As This

Bet You Never Saw Wildcats Captured As Gloriously As This | World War Wings Videos

Holy Moly Is This The Prettiest Thing You’ll Ever See!

Ah, the Wildcat. A warbird that was behind its times in speed and maneuverability yet held its own during the entirety of World War II. Pitted against faster and more agile Japanese Zero fighters, it still managed to earn itself a kill-to-loss ratio of 6.9 to 1.

Designed specifically for the Navy, Wildcats were first used in 1940 and retired at the end of the war. Although Hellcats were their successor, they worked in conjunction to get the job in the Pacific and Atlantic, and shoot down the enemy they did!

What made the Wildcats so successful is the advent of the Thach Weave, an aerial combat tactic allowing Wildcats to double up on a Zero and shoot it down almost every time.

As for this video, it’s pure grace. Carefully choreographed by a company called Aero Media Group, you’ll see two Wildcats weaving in and out of the clouds. It’s truly a beautiful sight to see, as there are only 17 airworthy Wildcats left in the world.

Wildcat flight from Aero Media Group on Vimeo.

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