Bethpage 2021 Air Show Highlights

Bethpage 2021 Air Show Highlights | World War Wings Videos

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Epic Air Action

One of the highlights during the 2021 Bethpage Air Show at Jones Beach New York was the USAF Thunderbirds.

It had its roots back in May 1953 when the US Air Force’s official air demonstration team, known as the 3600th Air Demonstration Unit was activated and adopted the name “Thunderbirds.” This was mostly influenced by the strong Native American culture and folklore from the southwestern United States where the US Air Force Base was found. During that time, seven officers and 2 enlisted were chosen for the first demonstration team. The Air Force Thunderbird legend was born from this group of men, and its humble beginnings.

Nowadays, Thunderbirds perform for people around the world to show the pride, precision, and professionalism the USAF represents. Last 2021, they performed on an air show on Memorial Day. Definitely a lot of action there!

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