Boeing Plans To Roll Out Pilotless Planes In 2025 – And Not Everyone Is Happy About It

Boeing Plans To Roll Out Pilotless Planes In 2025 – And Not Everyone Is Happy About It | World War Wings Videos

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No Hands.

As technology continues to advance new breakthroughs are made every day, especially in the realm of aviation. It is no secret that Boeing has money to blow and they have recently begun a program to create planes without pilots. This represents an incredible leap forward in aviation but the public isn’t so thrilled out the idea of flying without a pilot.

“The technologies in development today will enable the aircraft to assist and back up the pilot in all the flight phases, removing the pilot from manual control and systems operations in all types of situations.”

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In theory, the idea of a plane with no pilot works and could save airline companies over $30 billion annually. However, the public is not particularly enthusiastic about the idea and only 17% of travelers polled would fly without a pilot. In actuality, modern avionics and computers require only a few minutes of pilots at the steering wheel more commonly known as “autopilot.”

The majority of crashes within the airline industry are attributed to pilot error rather and system malfunctions, but the public perception still favors a manned vehicle in the case of emergency. Boeing has plans to begin testing pilotless aircraft in 2018 and hopes to have them in the service of commercial airlines by 2025.

Where do you stand on this issue? Would you ever fly in an airliner with no pilot behind the wheel?

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