BREAKING | Another Demonstration Plane Crash Leaves Pilot Dead

BREAKING | Another Demonstration Plane Crash Leaves Pilot Dead | World War Wings Videos


Yet Another Tragedy.

Last week we lost a Blue Angel Captain Jeff Kuss hours before a Thunderbird pilot ejected during a performance, totaling his F-16. A few days later two F-16s collided midair totaling another 2 planes. Luckily, these pilots ejected and were unharmed.

Although not American, this crash which occurred today bares a chilling resemblance to the Blue Angel crash from last week. The Russian Knights, a highly trained demonstration team, also lost a pilot today. Oddly, he was also the #6 plane.

Equipped with highly maneuverable Su-27 fighter aircraft, the Russian Knights are among the best demonstration teams in the world. On June 9th, 2016, they were performing for the opening of a monument honoring airmen near Moscow.

“(I heard) a loud explosion and saw a pillar of black smoke rising above the tree line.”-Eyewitness

Maj. Sergey Eremenko,34, was flying back from the show when his engine reportedly gave out. Eyewitnesses stated that the plane veered away from populated areas and crashed into the woods. It is believed the pilot stayed with the plane and did not eject to avoid casualties on the ground. Major Sergey Eremenko is survived by his wife and two daughters.

The video we found is from locals who rushed into the woods to see what happened. As you’ll see, the plane was pulverized. Investigators are now at the scene combing through the debris. All Russian Knights demonstrations have been suspended until further notice.

As a side note, it seems that Russia might be having the same problems as our air force; an aging fleet. Although investigations are still under way in each of these cases, the causes will more likely than not be mechanical problems. This assumption is based on watching the way the planes went down (in the case of Captain Kuss the F/A-18 fell out of the sky like a rock). Also, most of these warbirds are over 40 years old, so that speaks for itself.

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