BREAKING | Blue Angels Name Their New Solo Pilot

BREAKING | Blue Angels Name Their New Solo Pilot | World War Wings Videos

Those Are Some Big Shoes To Fill.

For those of you who haven’t been following the Blue Angels lately, we’ll fill you in with a quick synopsis. On June 2nd, 2016, opposing solo Captain Jeff Kuss crashed while practicing in Smyrna, Tennessee.

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While taking off Kuss, the #6 opposing solo, performed a low transition to high performance climb as per routine. Various bystanders recorded the practice and caught the accident on their phones. The footage shows Kuss’ plane plummeting toward the earth with no power, finally leveling off and crashing into a field. Eye witnesses stated that the plane was headed toward a populated area, but veered off into the empty space. It’s believed Kuss controlled the plane and was responsible for avoiding civilian casualties by staying with the plane till the end.

A formal investigation is still under way. We’ll keep you updated on the details as they come.

Until now, the #6 position of opposing solo has been vacant. Although a number of applicants have been considered including #7 Blue Angle Lt. Tyler Davies, the Blues recruited a former Blue Angel.

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Navy Commander Frank Weisser will now be flying in the #6 spot. He flew with the Blues from 2008 to 2010 first as a narrator but by the end of his stint, he went from being opposing solo to lead solo. Logging in over 4,000 flight hours and with 400 carrier arrested landings, Cmdr. Weisser will excel in his new position.

The Horrible Crash Which Was Caught By A Bystander


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