BREAKING | Footage Of Deadliest Airstrike On ISIS Just Surfaced

BREAKING |  Footage Of Deadliest Airstrike On ISIS Just Surfaced | World War Wings Videos

“This Is The Biggest Airstrike In Recent Memory.

ISIS was dealt one of the deadliest blows to its forces today. On June, 30th, 2016, Iraqi liberation forces stormed the neighborhoods of Falluja which were in part occupied by ISIS.

Knowing they lost the city, hundreds of vehicles occupied by ISIS militants escaped the city by the cover of night thinking they’ll make it to the next town. That never happened for many of them.

Iraqi forces were fighting to finally rid the city of ISIS since Sunday night, pushing the last of them out in the middle of the night. Knowing they were out, their Air Force was called in to begin destroying as much of the convoy as possible. The strike was soon joined by United States planes when it was confirmed the large string of vehicles was in fact ISIS.

Looking at the numbers, various sources report different numbers. For the sake of ease, we took the average of all of them until an official report comes out. For now, it looks like about 80 vehicles were destroyed and about 250 militants killed.

We’ll be following the story closely and update this post when more solid numbers come to light. For now, here’s the most recent news clip describing the event.

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