Breaking | Man Jumps Off Jet Bridge, Runs Tarmac And Boards Plane

Breaking | Man Jumps Off Jet Bridge, Runs Tarmac And Boards Plane | World War Wings Videos

Yes, This Actually Happened.

If you’ve ever been late for a flight, you know this feeling. You’re rushing all the way there. You’re stressed out beyond belief. You run through the terminal only to find the attendant closing the door. She gives you that look and shakes her head. You immediately know you’re buying yourself another ticket.

There is an alternative however. You might have not though about it, but you can still try to board the plane, EVEN if it started to pull way. Here’s how.

We got our hands on a video which was captured by one of the loaders on the airstirp. Out of nowhere, a man emerged from the jet bridge, jumped down and started literally running after the plane he just missed. Oddly enough, there wasn’t anyone chasing him (you know, security or maybe a SWAT team.)

Here’s the kicker though. He actually got on the plane. Yes, you read that right. The pilot stopped the plane, dropped down the stairs, and gave presidential treatment to this guy.

This happened in Spain by the way. Here in the U.S. he would have died three times over before he got close to that plane. Although this post is meant to be humorous as there was not other way for us to take this, here’s a link to the actual story which has more details. For now though, check out this video so you can actually believe this.

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