BREAKING | N.Korea Threatens U.S. With…80’s Looking Video

BREAKING | N.Korea Threatens U.S. With…80’s Looking Video | World War Wings Videos

It’s Hard To Decide How To Take This.

Like with Russia, the United States has felt tensions with North Korea for quite some time. As we reported on the 4th of July, Putin makes it a point to send his bombers as close as he can to our borders just so we intercept them. They show us that they’re testing and we show them that we’re vigilant.  This has been going on for years.  For the whole story click HERE.

North Korea is also testing boundaries although they’re not physical in nature. They do so with their propaganda videos and news, but although EVERY country uses that on their people to a certain extent, North Korea takes the cake in our opinion.

“Even if our sovereignty and right to exist are interfered with at the slightest, we will turn the U.S. imperialist military bases into seas of fire.”-Rodong Sinmun (N. Korean Newspaper)

The important thing to remember is that U.S. forces have been performing joint exercises with South Korea for months now. Sending a B-52 bomber (nuclear capable) and a squadron of F-16s, North Korea naturally feels threatened. As a response, they made this video.  According to multiple sources this video was shown to the people of North Korea a few weeks ago, but has reached the public eye here just now.

We’re not going to comment too much on the video. We’d really love for you folks to do so in our comments section so we can see what you’re thinking. Although we don’t understand the captions, the shots speak for themselves. It’s like a really, really bad 80’s movie. Tell us that we’re wrong.

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