Breitling’s Stunning P-51 Spotlight Will Give You Chills

Breitling’s Stunning P-51 Spotlight Will Give You Chills | World War Wings Videos


Planes And Babes.

It’s funny how a company that sells watches, nice ones at that, can also make some of the most visually appealing warbird videos out there. That’s exactly what happened here and we’re sure glad it did.

Breitling for those of you who don’t know, is a Swiss watch maker established in 1884. They’re known for making “precision-made chronometers which are of course most useful to aviators. It’s no wonder then that they’re so closely tied to the aviation community and so much so in fact that they have their own Breitling Jet Team. If you’ve never seen them, go check them out. They’re really good. (We didn’t get paid to do this little spiel here. It’d be nice if we did though.)

To get to the point here, this company also tapped into the Warbird market. In this particular commercial titled Too Late Baby, a P-51 pilot is supposed to meet up with an attractive, motorcycle riding woman. She’s late of course as she doesn’t have the fancy watch, so he ditches her. To be honest, we’d ditch her anyway even if she was on time, just to spend some more time in that glorious plane.

Check it out. The cinematography is really stunning.

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