How To Build An Air Raid Siren

How To Build An Air Raid Siren | World War Wings Videos

Photo Credit: YouTube Channel Matthias Wandel


To all those DIY enthusiasts out there, here’s a new and exciting project you can work on. To be fair, he provides a clear and good explanation of the steps. The building process is pretty straightforward and foolproof as long as you are equipped with basic woodworking skills. Maybe just don’t sound it often or your neighbors will totally start hating you.

Fact: When people heard the air raid siren, they would immediately stop what they’re doing and scramble to the nearest shelter. It was designed to warn of any nuclear attack and also tornadoes or other natural destructive weather patterns.

If you’ve been following Matthias Wandel, you’ll find that he has plenty of impressive works. And I’m thinking I could mount something like this on my roof and blast it on New Year’s Eve. BRB, going to try and make one of the coolest DIY projects I’ve ever seen. Wish me luck.

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