This C-5 Video Is Causing A Huge Stir In The Aviation World

This C-5 Video Is Causing A Huge Stir In The Aviation World | World War Wings Videos

DUB TV / YouTube

Pretty Simple If You Ask Us.

We just came upon this video and the first thing we thought was, “holy mackerel, that’s just crazy.” Right after that, however, we said,”there’s no way that’s actually possible.”

Our site here, World War Wings, is comprised of aviation fanatics. We live and breathe aviation, but sadly, we never got around to getting even a sport license. Our point is that we’re not pilots, and also, never even flown IN a C-5 Galaxy. Something about this video did seem extremely out of place however.

In our non-expert opinion, the person turned the camera in such a way that it made the plane look steeper than it really was.

So here’s the scoop. The title of this video we found on Youtube is “MASSIVE USAF C-5 Military Transport Aircraft Incredible Vertical Take Off.” The image that is associated with it is a C-5 completely vertical. That in a way, is impossible. Although their 4 turbofan engines produce about 43,000 pounds each, this 380,000 behemoth (when empty mind you) has a thrust to weight ratio of 0.22.

We’re no rocket doctors, but that seems like a fully vertical takeoff would be impossible. The funny thing is that people both on Facebook and on Youtube are fighting tooth and nail on both sides. We recommend that you watch the video, make your own judgment and then read the comments. That’s probably the best part.

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