The Making of the CAF DMWT Commercial YouTube

The Making of the CAF DMWT Commercial YouTube | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Andrew

Best Commercial Ever?

Although this footage is pretty old, it shows us the making of the CAF DMWT Commercial. This was aired back in 1991.

If you love this commercial as a kid, then you’ll be pretty surprised that they had this behind-the-scenes video! Also, the very fact that they managed to get a real B-17 to actually shoot this commercial is quite legendary. Our other favorites are here as well- the Mustang and the Wildcat.

We think that the video didn’t do justice to the roar of those iconic radial engines. This was recorded via videotape, which explains the lower resolution and quality. Had this been captured on film, the quality would have been superb.

Still, they most definitely had a blast filming this, and even watching this gives us goosebumps!

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