Can You Spot The 7 Differences Between These Warbirds?

Can You Spot The 7 Differences Between These Warbirds? | World War Wings Videos

See If You Have An Eye For Details.

Here at World War Wings we’re all about aviation. Although we started out as a strictly World War II site, we’ve grown both in the number of followers and the content we write about as we’re keeping up with what you folks want to see.

Because of this, we’re always trying to see if we can come up with something new that is both entertaining and educational for you. We started coming up with quizzes and so far, all of you have loved them. Now, we’re going to try something different.

Below are two almost identical photos, except we changed 7 things in the second one. Your job is to find them. We did provide an answer key below the photos in case you’re stuck so don’t worry, you’ll see whether you’re right or wrong. Happy hunting.

You can ZOOM IN like you’d typically do on any mobile device if you need to.






  1. No “R” on B-17’s vertical stabilizer.
  2. Extra window on B-17’s tail.
  3. Missing top turret on B-17.
  4. Changed serial number on B-24.
  5. Different color of Liberator’s vertical stabilizer.
  6. Less bomb tallies under B-24’s cockpit.
  7. Missing antenna on top of B-24’s fuselage.

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