Cessna’s Hard Landing Causes Engine To Fall Off

Cessna’s Hard Landing Causes Engine To Fall Off | World War Wings Videos

Instagram / @dkaviation.hub

Broken Beyond Repair

If you’re having a bad day, just imagine what day this Cessna 152 pilot was having after this insane crash.

The plane crash happened just after the Cessna descended into the water. It made contact once and bounced up, dislodging the entire engine mount in one motion. Fortunately for them, the aircraft’s floats help up its end of the bargain!

Instagram / @dkaviation.hub

Still, that didn’t stop the Cessna from nosediving after it landed a second time.

Instagram / @dkaviation.hub

According to one user, the engine mount was detached because of the newer and heavier engine. The mount wasn’t changed after fitting in a bigger engine, resulting in a higher stress on the structures.

You can probably figure out what happens next…

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