Chaos Erupts At Berlin Airport After Discovery Of Powerful WWII-Era Bomb

Chaos Erupts At Berlin Airport After Discovery Of Powerful WWII-Era Bomb | World War Wings Videos

(Adam Berry/Stringer)

Blast From The Past.

The Second World War saw a countless amount of munitions dropped over the German countryside and many of them did not detonate. Every once in a while one of these weapons of war is discovered by the German people and towns are evacuated. However, a WWII-era bomb was recently discovered at the Berlin Airport and chaos erupted throughout the scene.

The last thing that one of the busiest airports in Europe needed was an unexploded bomb threatening the safety the passengers coming and going from their flights. Bomb squads were called in for disposal as the airport closed down over a period of three hours. The situation was so chaotic that the incoming flights had to be diverted to another Berlin-area airport that is currently under construction.

“We had to accept 24 aircraft in Schönefeld in a short time frame because of the Tegel closure, and all of the aircraft arrived around the same time. Therefore, there were problems with providing the stairs. But all passengers were able to leave the aircraft.”

– Daniel Tolksdorf (Airport Spokesman)

Fortunately, there were no injuries and the situation was taken care of delicately aside from the diverted planes. The Russian model bomb was disarmed, we can only hope that this will be the last explosive device discovered within the vicinity of the airport.

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