Checklist Run-Through And Takeoff: “FIFI” B-29 Superfortress

Checklist Run-Through And Takeoff: “FIFI” B-29 Superfortress | World War Wings Videos

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Awesome Camera Shots From Within This Superfortress

The B-29 Superfortress was a Boeing built strategic heavy bomber. It was a four-engine propeller-driven war machine and a successor to the famous B-17 Flying Fortress. Much bigger than its predecessor, the Superfortress was one of the biggest and most advanced airplanes of its time. Introduced in 1944 towards the end of World War II, it featured innovations such as a pressurized cabin and an electronic fire-control system. Because of its advanced technology, these massive birds were used long after World War II ended.

With just under 4,000 B-29s produced, they served in many roles after World War II ended, including flying as television transmitters for private companies

One interesting fact about the B-29 is the fact that it was reproduced in Russia without a license from Boeing. The Tupolev Tu-4 was a reverse-engineered copy of a B-29, although the U.S. refused multiple times to supply the Soviet Union with their most innovative plane. During 1944 though, a few Superfortresses made emergency landings on Soviet soil while a couple others crashed. Refusing to return them, Stalin ordered the company Tupolev to clone them as fast as they could. Supplied with three working B-29s, the company was able to produce a little under 1,000 Tu-4s in just three years.

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