China Just Showed Its New “Carrier Killer” Missile – Should We Be Worried?

China Just Showed Its New “Carrier Killer” Missile – Should We Be Worried? | World War Wings Videos

东风26导弹发射画面首次曝光 弹头还有四个小翼 / YouTube and Frank Crebas / YouTube

All About The Carrier Killer

A video of China’s new weapon being test launched was recently shared. | 东风26导弹发射画面首次曝光 弹头还有四个小翼 / YouTube

China has just deployed its new DF-26 “Carrier Killer” missile and make no mistake, the act shouldn’t be taken lightly. While we don’t know everything about the DF-26, China hasn’t been shy about their intentions. With the video of the missile tests circulating, military experts are considering the weapon reveal as a direct warning to the U.S  regarding the Navy’s aircraft carrier encroaching presence.

Here’s a few things you should know about the Carrier Killer:

  • It has a range of 1,860 to 3,500 miles. It could reach as far as Guam. That includes a lot of U.S military infrastructure and basing.
  • Supposedly, it’s got a built-in radar and an information network that might include satellites and ground and naval  radar. This means flight control can easily guide the missile.
  • It can carry conventional, nuclear, or anti-ship warheads

China-U.S. Tension

Critics are skeptical about China’s claims that the missile could hit a moving ship at sea. | Military News 97 / YouTube

China-U.S. tensions are currently high. The U.S. has recently sailed two vessels through the Taiwan Straight, which China has repeatedly put pressure on the U.S. to not do based on conflicting interests with Taiwan.

Chinese admirals have even already requested to sink to sink the U.S. carriers. Needless to say, China isn’t happy.

U.S. Response

F-35 flying in “beast mode.” | Frank Crebas / YouTube

But it doesn’t appear like the U.S. is about to back down. Instead, they’re preparing for the worst by loading up carrier based F-35 Lightning IIs to “beast mode.” The fully loaded (and boy do they look mean) F-35s would have the responsibility of shooting down the DF-26.

In full beast mode, they have 18,000 pounds worth of bombs and missiles in and under the wings.

Let that sink in for a second.

Take a look at the video below of the Carrier Killer’s test launch and let us if you think we should be worried or not.

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