Chinook Floods Main Compartment For The Quickest Extraction EVER

Chinook Floods Main Compartment For The Quickest Extraction EVER | World War Wings Videos

Talk About A Pilot That Knows What He’s Doing

The degree to which special forces operate is sometimes beyond comprehension and that’s just for some operations that we, as the public, are able to see. In this video, a skilled CH-47 Chinook pilot picks up soldiers in the quickest, most efficient way possible. From the looks of the video, a team needed to be extracted fast from a body of water while using what looks like a tactical operations boat. To do so, it took some carefully choreographed movements of the helicopter pilot as well as his team.

Boeing’s CH-47 Chinook was introduced into military operations in 1962 and is still used to this day.

Amazingly, the helicopter pilot dipped the tail into the water after putting the ramp down, allowing water to partially fill the rear compartment. This, of course, would allow the boat to be moved right in without losing speed and enable the pilot to take off as soon as it was secured. Keep in mind weight, however. Dipping the back of the helicopter is not that difficult (if you’re a pilot) but once you start taking on water you need to compensate so it won’t actually sink you. Once that’s done, the boat and soldiers that go into it also cause a major shift in weight, leaving it all in the pilot’s hands. Overall, major respect!

And Here’s How NOT To Do It


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