Chopper Gets A Bit Too Close To Toilets–What A Mess

Chopper Gets A Bit Too Close To Toilets–What A Mess | World War Wings Videos

LA Knight

When $…Hits The Fan, But This Time It’s The Other Way Around.

This is one of those videos that you just have to share. It does feature a pretty sweet helicopter doing its job which relates to aviation, but with a twist we’ve never seen before.

According to the description, the Royal Navy was doing some drills with a few helicopters. From the looks of it they were picking up some artillery and needed to transport them elsewhere. Pretty common training exercise for both the pilots and the riggers on the ground.

This exercise did not go as smoothly as everyone expected however. For whatever reason, in the path of the helicopters were a few dozen porta potties. Maybe they were there for the troops or maybe they were just in storage. For our own sanity, we’ll pretend they were in storage and no one was in there.

Flying over them, the draft from the chopper picked them up and scattered them like matchsticks. The funny part was actually seeing all the toilet paper flying around everywhere.

Jokes aside though, we really feel bad for whoever has to clean that up now.


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