Cockpit View Of C-130 Flyby Over Stadium- Banks In

Cockpit View Of C-130 Flyby Over Stadium- Banks In | World War Wings Videos

Senior Airman Joshua Williams /

That’s Just Beautiful.

Sure, stadium flyovers of fighter planes are a bit more adrenaline inducing because they’re faster and louder, but this one here is pretty neat onto itself. The C-130 Hercules is a pretty big plane and seeing it doing a nasty bank over a stadium is watch worthy for sure.

The C-130 was first introduced in 1954 and over 2,500 of them were built since then.

In this video, you’ll see a much different, and possibly cooler, perspective. Filmed from the inside of the cockpit, you’ll see the pilot bank his baby right over the stadium. As you’ll see, there was a big American flag unfolded in the middle of the field, so if this doesn’t give a few goosebumps then nothing will.

The video was filmed by Senior Airman Joshua Williams from the 914th Airlift Wing. The footage was taken at the 2016 at the Buffalo Bills versus Jacksonville Jaguars game. The stadium was packed, so you can only imagine the roar the stadium erupted in when the Herc flew over.

Wish we were there to see it in person.

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