Cockpit View of Corsair In Tropical Paradise

Cockpit View of Corsair In Tropical Paradise | World War Wings Videos

The Best Planes Do Low-passes Over The Most Beautiful Scenery!

This truly incredible footage was taken during the Flying Legends Museum Airshow in Saint Barths Islands in 2011. Shot from both the cockpit and a third perspective angle, these amazing World War II machines and their pilots take the most scenic routes around the island. The camera angles make you feel like you’re pretty much there, so you’ll see the turquoise blue waters, beautiful mountain ranges and even fly right next to sail boats!

These ladies are flown by:

  • Casey Odegaard flies the P-51D Mustang. At a young age of 16 he flew solo for the first time, and got behind the stick of a Mustang by 21
  • Warren Pietsch flies the P-40K Warhawk. Also flying solo at 16, he logged in over 26,000 hours in all different types of aircraft
  • Robert Odegaard flies the FG-1D Corsair. Also infatuated with planes at a very young age, Odegaard’s life revolved around numerous aircraft businesses and piloting

Just be forewarned, there is background music in this video as this is a promotional trailer, and the editor chose music that is native to the island. You won’t get a lot of the engine sounds you love to hear, but we’ll be positing a non-musical version soon. Enjoy getting lost in this really awesome clip!!!

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