Crazy X-planes of United States 3D

Crazy X-planes of United States 3D | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / AmazingViz

Making Technological Advancements Possible

As much as we’d like to see these gorgeous planes in the skies, most of them are only good on paper. Some were so bad they never left the production stage. Meanwhile, other projects did drag out until flight tests returned abysmal results.

Nevertheless, the inventions of such experimental planes did have an effect on the advancement of aviation technology. In fact, most of these planes were designed to break barriers in technology. 

A great example would be the Bell X-1 which was the first manned plane to pass Mach 1 after dropping from a B-29. The X-15 would set speed and altitude records in the 60s while also reaching the edge of outer space. We also have the F-35 now thanks to the X-35’s design.

More often than not, these planes have helped engineers in their field of work.

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