Dad Takes Daughter On Stunt Ride And She Loves It

Dad Takes Daughter On Stunt Ride And She Loves It | World War Wings Videos

Raphael Langumier

Born To Fly?

There aren’t many things out there that are cuter than a little girl laughing her brains out, but this might be just one of those things. Her reaction to her “hero” dad’s plan for their afternoon together was more than some people can handle. We certainly had smiles on our faces all day after we saw this clip.

We found this awesome video on The LAD Bible’s Facebook page. The preface is simple.

A dad who happened to be a pilot stuck a camera on the windshield of his sports plane and pointed it toward the back. Since he decided to bring his little daughter with him, the video blew up on the internet. By “blew up” we mean it got over 10 million views in a short period of time, and rightfully so might we add.

Her laugh is absolutely contagious though. Watch the video and tell us we’re wrong. When her dad does aileron and barrel rolls, she loses it every time and asks for more.

What does her dad do? He whips that plane around, again and again, to extract some more of that sweet laughter that will undoubtedly put a smile on your face.

Check out the video and see for yourself. It’s worth every second.

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