Damaged Hellcat Gets Its Entire Tail Ripped Off By Arresting Cable

Damaged Hellcat Gets Its Entire Tail Ripped Off By Arresting Cable | World War Wings Videos


One Way Or Another, You Have To Set Her Down.

World War II boasts some of the most intense air-to-air battles. With that come some pretty crazy carrier landings as well. Not only were these young pilots war weary, sometimes their planes were barely able to fly on the way back. Be it from battle damage or simply being low on fuel, that was the last thing they needed to do. As you’ll see, sometimes it wasn’t that easy.

This footage was handpicked to feature some good, yet some bad carrier landings. Most of this was filmed between January 3rd and 4th, 1945. Vice Admiral John S. McCain’s Fast Carrier Task Force of the Third Fleet was given missions to strike Japanese targets in Taiwan.

During this raid, the fighter bombers managed to destroy many Japanese airfields that were of strategic importance.

As the narrator will point out, the U.S. lost 34 aircraft during this raid, but only 17 were actually shot down. It’d be safe to assume the others either ran out of fuel and ditched or were damaged during landing. This was extremely common during Pacific operations.

Beyond that, you’ll see some lucky pilots nail their landings very well. Others however, were not so lucky but by the looks of it were saved by the carrier crews. Good job boys!

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