Dangerous Anchor Drop: Navy Amphibious Assault Ship

Dangerous Anchor Drop: Navy Amphibious Assault Ship | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / AiirSource Military

Witnessing An Anchor Drop In Person

Does anyone else see the rust up in the air generated by the quick deployment of the chains? Inhaling plenty of those can give you metal fume fever if you dare come close to it. Looks like these trainees aren’t even bothered by it.

The amount of noise that must generate is quite bothersome, to say the least. That didn’t stop them from just standing in awe while hundreds of chains come barreling down the ocean floor in front of them. This kind of procedure is ingrained in their heads. If you’re manning a 40-tonne warship along with 1,600 people, you better be on top of your game. Else, you will spell doom to your fellow crewmates.

Check out this crew of the USS Wasp (LHD 1) as they conduct a routine anchor evolution in the video below.

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