Declassified Report: US Planned To Drop Another 12 Atomic Bombs On Japan

Declassified Report: US Planned To Drop Another 12 Atomic Bombs On Japan | World War Wings Videos

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Devil’s Dozen.

The Atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki played a pivotal role in forcing the unconditional surrender of Japan. Although Imperial Japan did not surrender immediately following the detonation of the second atomic bomb but eventually gave in. Declassified documents have revealed that if their unconditional surrender did not occur the United States planned another dozen bombings of Japan.

President Truman wanted to avoid an invasion of the Japanese mainland because it would cause millions of deaths on both sides of the war. The use of atomic bombs to force a surrender seemed like a mercy killing, despite protests against its use by General MacArthur, General Eisenhower and Admiral Nimitz. However, the United States was prepared to bomb up to 12 additional cities with nuclear weapons to force the surrender of the Japanese.

“[E]ven after two atom bombs, they preferred to fight on till they are all dead. Death or glory.”

Japanese military leaders refused a surrender after the use two atomic bombs because they viewed the number of casualties lost was fewer than that of the B-29 firebombing raids over Tokyo. The destruction of another dozen cities was laid out to destroy the country’s infrastructure.

“If we had another one ready, today would be a good day to drop it. We don’t, but anyhow within the next ten days, the Japanese will make up their minds.”

Just as more weaponized Plutonium was being sent to the Pacific for another atomic bomb, Japan announced its unconditional surrender following Russia’s declaration of war. The country was spared from additional bombings and World War II came to close without any additional deaths.

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