Did You Know THIS About The Corsair? If Not Then Get Ready.

Did You Know THIS About The Corsair? If Not Then Get Ready. | World War Wings Videos


Hey, A Free Ride Is A Free Ride!

The Vought Corsair was one of the best single-seat fighters of World War II. The operative word there in “single,” as in one person can sit in it. The point here is that if you look closely at some of the shots in this downright spectacular video, you’ll see a woman tucked away somewhere in the back. Yup, she’s behind the pilot’s seat.

Now from what we’ve seen in our lives and looking at some pictures, there’s definitely no room behind there unless you remove the cover and literally stick someone in there.

Judging by her face, she’s content she’s in that warbird, as she should be!

Besides that little tidbit of information we never knew, this video is actually awesome. Expertly captured by Aero Media Group (AMG), this clip shows some amazing shots of one of our favorite World War II fighters. The sunset clip is especially beautiful as well, but right after that we caught a glimpse of that woman again!

Correct us if we’re wrong, but to our knowledge a two seat Corsair was PROPOSED by Vought but the Air Corps said they weren’t interested. We did some digging and we didn’t find any sort of modification plans nor a company that offers rides.

So, if you guys knew about this, then we’re sorry but we didn’t. Now imagine our excitement when we found out and figured that there’s a possibility to pay to be a passenger.

In any event, this woman probably got the ride of her life. We’re sure any of us would be glad to be stuffed in the back of a Corsair any day!

CFM Corsair Video Clips by Scott Slocum from Aero Media Group on Vimeo.

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