Diver Captures A Corsair Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Diver Captures A Corsair Like You’ve Never Seen It Before | World War Wings Videos

David Wang

Yet Another Reason To Go To Hawaii.

Hawaii is great for a number of reasons. Beautiful geography and wildlife, amazing food and of course the clear blue waters. Because of those waters the islands attract many divers, as the reefs and the marine life are absolutely stunning.

Now there’s another thing you can see as well. Some years back a bunch of scuba divers found a Corsair about 3 miles off the coast of Oahu which is now a common sight for divers to see.

The Corsair is still largely intact as her pilot ditched her due to a faulty fuel gauge.

Going off of a divers description, the wreck is actually in really good shape. The stick, rudder pedals and the seat are all there. The compass and other instruments are also there although algae growth has covered them over the last decades. Overall however, this peaceful Corsair still looks largely intact and some divers even climb into the cockpit to take pictures.

The reason this Corsair is so well preserved is because she wasn’t shot down. While on a routine mission from Pearl Harbor in 1948, the pilot noticed that his gas needle was acting up. Thinking it was just a fluke, the pressed on and unfortunately ran out of gas. He expertly ditched and got rescued shortly after his comrades noticed he didn’t return as expected.

A great story and a great place to visit indeed!

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