Without These Guys, We Wouldn’t Have Any Warbirds Left

Without These Guys, We Wouldn’t Have Any Warbirds Left | World War Wings Videos

If You Think About It, These Guys Are Priceless

This is one of those things people never really think or talk about. We love to see old warbirds fly, be they Thunderbolts, Spitfires, Lightnings, Mustangs or any other excellent war machine, but it’s the maintainers that make all this happen. We know the planes like the back of our hands and for the most part know all the pilots associated with them. What we fail to see most of the time is the guys that put in the countless hours needed to keep these birds flying and in tip top shape.

It’s difficult. Anybody that has worked on an airplane knows, you second guess yourself all the time. You’ll be sleeping at night and wake up…in shock thinking ‘did I put that washer back on?’-Randy Poe, Aircraft Maintainer

These highly skilled guys are serious about their jobs, and there is no other way to go about it. As the Horsemen will tell you, there is a bond between them as strong as their fellow pilots they’re flying with. Without it, these warbirds wouldn’t be flying nor would the pilots want to in planes fixed by someone they don’t know. All in all, we just wanted to pay a tribute to the men no one really talks about.

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