Drone Captures HAUNTING Footage Of Fighting In Syria

Drone Captures HAUNTING Footage Of Fighting In Syria | World War Wings Videos

Youtube channel "Russia Insider"

That’s Pretty Incredible.

We’re going to start this off by making one thing perfectly clear. This isn’t a political piece nor are we trying to make statement. This footage was taken by a small drone (the ones you can get at the store) and simply cut together to show a bird’s eye view of the fighting that is going on in Syria and Iraq right now. We’re not making judgements or any sort of calls and we’d appreciate it if you did the same.

We also recommend you mute the video, as we feel that most of you won’t like the music.

Having said that, the purpose of us showing you this video is pretty much for reflection and the fact that it really gives you a completely different visual perspective. Aside from that, you can make your own judgement calls or whatnot, but again, please refrain from discussing them on here as this is a very sensitive topic for most.

All in all, we’ll just state that war is hell no matter what and these haunting images prove it. We bet you’ll feel the same after you watch it.

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