Editor Creates Funny ‘Top Gun’ Movie Trailer

Editor Creates Funny ‘Top Gun’ Movie Trailer | World War Wings Videos

youtube: screen junkies

This Is Pretty Spot On.

Let’s see what kind of humor you guys have. There is a Youtube channel called Screen Junkies which has a segment called “Honest Trailers.” It does exactly what it sounds like. They dub over trailers of all sorts of movies and poke fun of them in the most creative way ever.

Top Gun didn’t escape that fate.

Possibly the most iconic fighter jet movie of all time (although when you rewatch it now it kind of “meh,”) many of the things you guys write today in the comment section are from it.

Things like:

    • “Because I was inverted.”
    • “Negative, Ghostrider. The pattern is full.”
    • and “I feel the need…the need for speed.”

You guys catch the drift. Although iconic, there are many things to make fun of in this movie if you think about it, and whoever wrote the script for the Youtube clip didn’t miss a single one.

It’s pretty epic. Check it out.

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