Elephant Gun Fail- 2 Massive Rounds Go Off At Once

Elephant Gun Fail- 2 Massive Rounds Go Off At Once | World War Wings Videos

Youtube / LunkersTV


“Don’t Do What I Just Did!”

Okay so this will probably be the funniest thing you’ll see today and we’re pretty sure you won’t watch it just once. Because we gotta admit, we kept repeating that moment he fired. And oh boy, he was so proud he hit the can! But maybe we can all take a moment to pray for his shoulder because we can feel the soreness all the way from here.

Fun Fact: Some rifles are made for shooting fast-moving targets like rhinos. You should only need two shots to hit your mark, otherwise, you could be in danger of becoming the prey.

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So if you haven’t held or shot with an elephant gun, let this guy’s hilarious and sorta painful experience help you to avoid making the same mistake. It’s funny now but you won’t be laughing if your shoulder starts getting sore. But his reaction is gold!

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