Engine Music: For All You Out There Who Love That Sound

Engine Music: For All You Out There Who Love That Sound | World War Wings Videos

No Music And No Announcers, Just The Sounds You Love Most

The Planes of Fame airshow in Chino California hold some of the most spectacular events and in 2014 they brought together a great collection of aircraft. Expertly videographed with what we can tell was a great microphone as well, you’ll see some great shots with sounds of your favorite radials as well as other engines. Everyone involved in these events has a true passion for these warbirds and the history that comes with them, making these events truly special.

Here are some of the planes you’ll get to see and hear:

  • Corsairs and Mustangs
  • Lightnings and Spitfires
  • Skytrains and Dauntlesses
  • Zeroes and a few others!

The Planes of Fame Museum offers quite a lot of services and shows year round. They offer educational movie and documentary viewings in their theater, venue rentals for a variety of events as well as the ability to book a ride on some of your favorite warbirds. Founded in 1957 by Ed Maloney, their collection initially consisted of 10 airplanes, but to date has grown to 150 with 50 being airworthy. Utilizing all their resources and networks over the years, countless volunteer work hours and donations have helped with the restoration and upkeep of the museum, everyone working for one common goal. The museum’s mission is ‘to preserve aviation history, inspire interest in aviation, educate the public and honor aviation pioneers and veterans.’ From the look of it, a job well done!

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