Enormous Rc SR-71 Has A Critical Landing, Barely Makes It!

Enormous Rc SR-71 Has A Critical Landing, Barely Makes It! | World War Wings Videos


Imma Just Pop That Sucker Back Out.

This is probably one of the nicest remote controlled SR-71s out there. We’ve seen a bunch of them in our time, but this one is by far the biggest, not to mention the best sounding.

The pilot, Lothar Heinrich, brought this baby to Euroflugtage, an RC airshow in Germany. Filmed during the August show of 2016, there were a lot of impressive models out there. From P-51 Mustangs to A-10 Thunderbolts IIs to this here SR-71, the folks that come and fly their models are really gifted.

Most of these birds at this show are scratch built. No kits that anyone can buy online and follow directions. These guys just buy plans and make these amazing works of art by themselves, which makes them even more special.

This model weighs nearly 80 pounds.

This Blackbird is not only huge, but is meticulously painted as well to resemble the real thing. Also, the exhaust has red LEDs placed on the outside to make it look like the plane is using afterburners. There’s nothing this guy didn’t think of.

At the end however, his front gear collapsed after landing. Although it might have been a big deal, it wasn’t. The plane didn’t flip (which could have been the end of the model) and the pilot simply picked it up and flipped the gear down. No harm, no foul.

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