Eurofighter Typhoon Lands A Bit Short And Chews Out A Bunch Of Grass

Eurofighter Typhoon Lands A Bit Short And Chews Out A Bunch Of Grass | World War Wings Videos

JK Militaria / YouTube


This little incident happened last year in 2016. Although not the best testament of what Eurofighter Typhoon pilots are made of as we’ve seen fantastic air displays with them, here, they made a bit of a mistake.

As you’ll see in the video, the crew was practicing touch-and-goes which were going just fine. At the end, however, when they were trying to land, the pilot either got too low or cut power a bit too early and took a nice big chuck out of the grass right in front of the airstrip. After recovering from a hefty bounce, they aborted, kicked in the throttle and went around again for another try.

What are the odds that the pilot’s name from then on was “Grasshopper?”

We’re no pilots, so we’re not going to bash them as we can’t do a fraction of what these guys do. It’s just an interesting thing that happened and we wanted to share it with you folks. As an observation, however, this Typhoon was a two seater which might indicate that it was used to train a newbie pilot. We might be wrong, but it seems like a viable explanation.

UPDATE: Sorry folks, but once we started sharing this video the owner changed his options and it can only be viewed on YouTube now. Just hit the actual link in the video and it’ll redirect you so you can watch the video. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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