Eurofighter Typhoon SCRAMBLE, INTERCEPT & DOGFIGHT Demo | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / PaddyPatrone

What an Impressive Display!

In the footage, we get to see two Eurofighter Typhoons intercepting a suspicious unidentified plane that was approaching Zeltweg Airport. It was most definitely a quick scramble. The second Typhoon moved into weapon range to assist real quick. That slow hover definitely took our breath away. There’s no doubt that both of the Typhoons look sinister as they came behind the civil jet!

After they’ve escorted the civil aircraft to a safe landing, these two planes then give us a mock dogfight showoff. Hats off to the pilots for an incredible display, and for the Typhoon engines working so hard there- we absolutely love the sound. It must have been awesome to witness this in real life.

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