Ever See A B-52 Launch A Nuclear Cruise Missile? Well Here You Go!

Ever See A B-52 Launch A Nuclear Cruise Missile? Well Here You Go! | World War Wings Videos

USA Military Channel

Always Testing.

Don’t worry folks. This is just a drill. There will be no white flash and North Korea is still there. We’re all safe. For now.

Although the video we found is not exactly a Hollywood blockbuster of excitement, it does show something that we here at World War Wings, and maybe you, have not seen before. A B-52H dropping an AGM-86B out of its belly. It’s a cool thing to actually see happening and then there are of course the implications.

A B-52H can carry up to 20 of these missiles.

For those of you who don’t know, the AGM-86B is a subsonic cruise missile that can hit its target with pinpoint accuracy. Once launched, it can navigate at low altitude using GPS and INS to avoid anything in its way and still hit its target. This particular bomb, designated “B,” is also nuclear enabled. If launched in large numbers, the enemy would have a difficult time shooting them out of the air as they can self-guide and can fly below radar.

In this video, the bomber group was just testing the missile and giving the crew practice should a real threat arise.

According to this footage, we’re ready.

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