Ever See A Spitfire Actually Spit Fire? Well, Here You Go.

Ever See A Spitfire Actually Spit Fire? Well, Here You Go. | World War Wings Videos

Boultbee Flight Academy

Seems So Fitting.

We found this cool little clip when we were going through some of our Facebook posts. While going through all the different aviation related websites and pages, we stumbled upon this upload. It’s of a great plane, it’s shot at night and sounds fantastic. What we’re saying is that it looks pretty sweet.

Not only that though, we found a great place where you can take one for a spin. Yes, you can fly one if you’re a pilot, but if not, no worries. They have two seater Spitfires so you can safely strap in the back and experience something people only dream of. To make this even more awesome, this company just added a two seater P-51 Mustang so hey, pick your poison.

“We also want to make the Spitfire as accessible as possible to everyone for fear that otherwise it will one day become the privilege of the very wealthy only.”

If you’re interested, the place is called Boultbee Flight Academy. It’s located in Chichester, West Sussex in the U.K. If you live near there, that’s great. If you’re in the U.S. of A., well, you’ll have to add travel expenses to the flight. It’s not cheap but hey, a dream’s a dream and now it’s easier to achieve.

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