What Exactly Happens To A Jet Engine During A Birdstrike?

What Exactly Happens To A Jet Engine During A Birdstrike? | World War Wings Videos


It can happen at any time and there is still no safe way around it. They happen out of nowhere during flights and they create an unintentional danger to anyone flying through the skies. Of course, I am referring to birdstrikes the damage inflicted on planes when a bird hits.

It is estimated that over 160,000 birdstrikes have occurred within the last 25 years and there is no end in sight. People have tried everything from radar detection to sirens, repellent sprays and even hiring people to scare them away at airports but it is of little use. The most you can do is roll with the hits, but several engineers have taken measures for when those hits occur.

Some massive jet engines will inevitably suffer a birdstrike, so engines are prepared for when it does occur. Modern engine tests are conducted by throwing frozen bird carcasses into engines to ensure that they can endure the damage in the event of the worst. It just shows that a single bird can cause millions of dollars in damage and potentially endanger the lives of passengers onboard.

Tech Insider has provided this video demonstrating what happens when a bird ends up inside a plane’s engine.

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