Extremely Low PBY Catalina Fly By

Extremely Low PBY Catalina Fly By | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / HeliPylot

Blew Us Away!

In this footage, we get to see a PBY Catalina making an extremely low pass. Got to say, it was awesome in how very low and close it flew!

YouTube / HeliPylot

The Catalina is about as majestic as it gets coming in and making a low pass like that. It was pretty insane. It was an almost right into your face fly by and it was absolutely brutal.  

YouTube / HeliPylot

This iconic flying boat was a highly versatile jet that was used before, during, and after World War II. They were utilized in a variety of roles such as search and rescue operations in anti-submarine warfare, bombing missions, and so much more. In fact, they weren’t retired from service until the 1980s.

What an iconic flyby from an iconic plane!

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