F-16 Strafes The Beach

F-16 Strafes The Beach | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / Mazduhh

Aggressive Sounding Fighter

This is footage of an F-16 strafing over a beach – which actually sounds scarier than an A-10’s gun run. While we know that the A-10 is quite deadly, the F-16 sounds even more haunting. 

Right at the 0:25 mark has to be one of the scariest, out-of-this-world sounds we’ve ever heard, like a growl of a monster. The sound of the bullets hitting and then the gun firing is very ominous. 

YouTube / Mazduhh

It gave us goosebumps, not just because it was amazing, but it was also terrifying to hear at the same time. Not to mention the turbine sound in the end feels creepy! 

No doubt about it – the F-16 is one of the most aggressive-sounding fighters of all time!

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