F/A-18 Pilot Defends His UFO Encounter Story – Reveals Crucial Piece Of Information

F/A-18 Pilot Defends His UFO Encounter Story – Reveals Crucial Piece Of Information | World War Wings Videos

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The United States Navy has been getting a bit of a bad rap lately with certain stories in the headlines. There are everything ships crashing into cargo vessels, pilots drawing crude images in the sky and the latest is a guy who claims to have encountered a UFO. He got a fair share of flak headed his way after making the claim, but he continues to defend his position.

Conspiracy theories don’t usually last very long in this world due to experts debunking them, but the experienced Super Hornet pilot is holding himself to these claims. Commander David Fravor spent 18 years with the US Navy piloting F/A-18 Super Hornets with a nearly spotless record. While on a routine mission in 2004 he spotted the 40-foot-long object, shaped like a tictac and gave chase. He claims that the object displayed speed and maneuverability, unlike any other aircraft he had ever seen.

“It’s in a climb, we’re in a descent, we’re getting a great look at it. This whole thing takes about up to five minutes from the time we show up. I get over to the 8 o’clock position, it’s at about the 2 o’clock position and I decide I’m gonna see what it is when it’s about 2,000 feet below me. And I cut across the circle and as I get within a half mile of it, it rapidly accelerates to the south in two seconds and disappears.”

– Commander David Fravor

Fravor is able to describe the incident in strong detail and the video recording had yet to be debunked. All of this information comes out after the revelation that the Pentagon was actually supporting a UFO research program up until 2012. Commander Fravor speaks in further detail about the otherworldly experience in this clip.

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