F-4 Hits Concrete Wall At 500 MPH

F-4 Hits Concrete Wall At 500 MPH | World War Wings Videos

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F-4s WERE Injured During The Making Of This Film.

This one might be a bit heartbreaking for some of you. The reason is that an F-4 Phantom was used by the government to conduct an experiment. That meant the total destruction of a pretty darn good plane.

The purpose of this experiment was to see what would happen in a fully functional plane was to crash into the walls of a nuclear power station. At a time when nuclear plants were a viable option, precautions had to be taken against all possibilities.

Just imagine what would happen if terrorists hijacked a plane and were able to destroy a nuclear plant.

Unfortunately, a sacrificial lamb was needed. At the time F-4s were plentiful, so one was snatched up for the test. Put on a rocket propelled track, it was accelerated to 500 mph.

At the end of the track was a 470 ton, 23×12 ft. concrete block. It weighed approximately 25 times more than the plane.

Watch the video to see what the result was. To be quite honest, we thought things would look quite differently. It’s understandable that a concrete wall is a concrete wall, and 500 mph is very fast, but oh man, that’s an impact!

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