ALL F-4 Phantoms To Be Scrapped By 2017 | Sign This Petition To Save Them

ALL F-4 Phantoms To Be Scrapped By 2017 | Sign This Petition To Save Them | World War Wings Videos


Sad, But YOU Can Do Something About It.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, the DoD is doing away with all (but two that are privately owned) airworthy F-4 Phantoms in the name of science. What we mean by that is they are being turned into QF-4s which are drones. Flying them remotely, they will be shot down with missiles that need to be tested. By the end of 2017, we’ll only have two flying examples which may or may not have the funding to remain airworthy for long.

This is why we wrote this post. We found a petition on with the goal of saving any well maintained F-4s for future generations. It’s really that simple. When you click the link below you’ll be able to see the whole petition and you can support it by simply signing in with Facebook.

We did it and it took less than a minute. If we all band together, we can really make a difference and make sure some of these awesome planes are spared.

!Click Here To Sign The Petition!

With enough support, the Petitioner of this page can put it in front of the government and possibly deter this from happening. For that to happen however, we need you to step up. 

Don’t let this plane become just a picture in a history book or relic in a museum. We’ll keep you posted on the progress and let you know how many signatures we got!

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