That Time An F-14 Pilot BROKE THE RULES

That Time An F-14 Pilot BROKE THE RULES | World War Wings Videos

A Crucial Decision Indeed

In the Battle of Roberts Ridge in Afghanistan, a daring pilot of an F-14 Tomcat disobeyed orders and didn’t return to his carrier. Instead, he gave vital air support to ground troops that were in heavy fire.

Wikimedia CC / PHC Thornsley

While this was insubordination- this very act ultimately ended up saving lives. It also helped turn the tides of the battle. At that point, the pilot knew that returning to the carrier would leave the troops vulnerable so he disobeyed orders and stayed on station.

Wikimedia CC / U.S. Navy

Upon returning to base, the admiral said to the pilot, “That’s the best thing I ever saw – don’t you do anything different.”

Sounds like this guy is the real Maverick in Top Gun!

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