F-14 or F-18 – Which is better?

F-14 or F-18 – Which is better? | World War Wings Videos

Flickr CC / Marines

Amazing Machines!

In this video, Tom “Trots” Trotter compares the F-14 Tomcat and the F-18 Hornet based on flying more than a thousand flight hours each year in his 25 years in the Navy.

Flickr CC / Robert Sullivan

Trotter talks about the difference between the two platforms. He says that although the Tomcat had reliability problems, it was an amazingly fast airplane. What does he think about the Hornet, though?

“When you compare the two, acceleration, top end speeds, the Hornet was good at taking speed, using it with altitude and it was pretty efficient up high, but we’re always limited. But it was very reliable, it was way easier to land on a boat,” he said. Meanwhile, he said that Tomcats can be quite a handful to land on a boat.

Flickr CC / Marines

Are you a Tomcat, or a Hornet kind of guy? Learn more about what he thinks about the strengths and weaknesses of the two planes in the video!

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