F-35 Flies So Fast It Almost Destroyed Windows

F-35 Flies So Fast It Almost Destroyed Windows | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / patriot_ops

As Close As It Gets

When Lockheed Martin designed the F-35 Lightning II, they strived to make a stealthy all-weather multirole aircraft that would excel in air superiority and strike missions.

They were able to make a fighter capable of reaching speeds of up to Mach 1.6 – supplemented with a max range of 1,700 mi.

And even though its service ceiling can stretch up to 50,000 ft, it doesn’t mean it can’t fly at ver low altitudes. In this Instagram video from patriot_ops, we can see an F-35 flying extremely low and fast with spectators watching on the ground.

YouTube / patriot_ops

You can hear the power of the F-35 as it got nearer to the camera until it finally flew past the spectators, leaving a trail of sound and air that rustled everything in its path.

YouTube / patriot_ops

No wonder people hold the Lightning II in high regard!

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