F4U Corsair Pilot Dips Down Fast Right Over Crowd

F4U Corsair Pilot Dips Down Fast Right Over Crowd | World War Wings Videos

Alex Sheppard

A Proper Buzz Job.

Corsairs are probably our favorite World War II plane. They’re fast, agile and flew for the Navy not to mention their distinct wing design. Everything about them just screams “class” for some reason. We know some of you won’t agree, but that’s ok. We all have our favorites.

To get on with it, we found this video of a Corsair which really made us excited. Well, let us backtrack a little bit and make a disclaimer. Just like the Youtube uploader wrote in his description, we’re going to apologize for the quality really quick. The resolution is not quite the best nor is the sound, but it’s not that bad in the end.

The average top speed of a Corsair is 446 mph.

We recommend you skip to about the halfway mark in this video because the first half is the cameraman waiting for the pilot to come down. When he does though, he REALLY does.

Dipping in, the Corsair gets about 10 to 15 feet above ground, buzzing the ever living daylights out of the people on the runway. We’re not sure how that was possible and where it took place, but one thing’s for sure. It was pretty awesome.

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