Fairey Swordfish LS326/L2 Start Up & Take Off

Fairey Swordfish LS326/L2 Start Up & Take Off | World War Wings Videos

YouTube / LeicesterPilot

Still Up And About

First flown on April 17, 1943, the Royal Navy’s Fairey Swordfish Mk. 2 “LS326” is still airworthy to this day. 

Built to be a torpedo bomber for WWII, this Swordfish was retired on May 21, 1945, underwent a rebuild in 1955, and an engine rebuild in 1967. Back in its heyday, LS326 also played a role in the film “Sink the Bismarck!”, playing its combat role on screen perfectly. 

The movie star would later be delivered to the Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton in 1960, where it has been operated ever since. And as you can see, the time and care invested in LS326 has paid off. The aircraft still looks, sounds, and performs almost the exact same way it did decades ago!


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