Fake Marine Gets Called Out By a Real Marine

Fake Marine Gets Called Out By a Real Marine | World War Wings Videos

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Guys, This Is Why You Should Never Lie

Or if you’re gonna try to pull something off, make sure you’re not face-to-face with someone who knows the real details because chances are, you’ll find yourself in hot water. And worse, everyone will get the chance to witness you making a fool out of yourself on social media. Listen here, folks. The moral of the story is to never pretend to be somebody you’re not because you’ll never know who you’re talking to. Take a look at this guy trying to pass of as a Marine. He’s making up stories about places he’s been to and things he’s done — none of which is real. We have the utmost respect for Marines and what they have done for our country. Man, I’m so glad he got called out. He got what he deserved and may this be a lesson to everyone. Never, ever do what he did.

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